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The State of Product Experimentation In Indonesia

A report that unpacks how product professionals work with data and the impacts of experimenting.


What’s In The Report?

Experimentation is a key part of the product development process. Through experimentation, Product Managers are able to make smarter decisions, get feedback faster, and deliver better products.

Many Companies seem to value experimentation and innovation. However, according to Barc Study, only 25% of Product Managers rely on data because of a variety of factors, such as limited resources or a lack of understanding the benefits of experimentation.

Apiary Academy and AB Tasty were curious: Do Product Managers in Indonesia face the same challenges? How many of our Product Managers are "data-driven" and what is the impact of experimentation for them? To answer these questions, we conducted a survey to over 50 Product Managers in Indonesia and present you with the insights we gathered.

Download our report today and find insights on:


  • How do product managers use data to build their products
  • Product managers’ challenge with data & A/B testing
  • Insights on testings: before, during, after
  • Tips on implementing efficient A/B testing
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The State of Product Experimentation In Indonesia 2022

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