Turning Data into Product Strategy and Business Decision Making

An exclusive 2-day live class designed to enhance your technical skills in analysing data.
 📅 Thursday, 7th December - Friday, 8th December 2023 │ 19.30 - 21.30 WIB









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About  Workshop

Turning Data into Product Strategy and Business Decision-Making is designed to enhance your technical skills in data processing and analysis as a foundation for creating product strategy and making decisions for your business. In this workshop, you will also gain hands-on experience in learning to analyse data with SQL.


These data analysis and SQL skills allow the team to work faster by quickly finding and understanding important information in large datasets.
One key takeaway from the class is that you will be able to make the right decisions for your product and business.


A well-known platform for sharing knowledge and professional mentoring in data analysis

Materi & Trainer



 📅 Thursday, 7 December 2023

Points of Discussion:

1. Different elements of data in statistics

2. Data for product management, project management, business & operations

3. Familiarise SQL basics:

  • Get to know a relational database
  • How data is stored in databases
  • How do you get the data that you want from databases
  • How to write SQL queries to extract data from databases


 📅 Friday, 8 December 2023

Points of Discussion:

1. Techniques for analysing customer behaviour and preferences using SQL

2. How to track and measure product performance metrics & business KPI using SQL

3. Advanced SQL techniques for business decision making




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What You Will Get

Learn EDA Framework in Data Analysis

Unlock the power of data insights. Participants will delve into the intricacies of Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) framework.

Gain a profound understanding and practical skills to extract meaningful patterns and trends from your data, shaping a new frontier in decision-making.

Data Analysis Exercise with SQL

Empower your data-driven decision-making journey. Participants will master the art of data analysis using SQL as their tool of choice.

Acquire the skills to seamlessly navigate and extract valuable insights from datasets, transforming raw information into actionable intelligence.

Live Q&A

Maximize your learning experience with exclusive access to a Q&A session with our expert trainer.

Seize the opportunity to discuss best practices, share your challenges, and gain invaluable insights on leveraging data for crafting effective product strategies and informed business decision-making.

Certificate of Completion

Proudly showcase your newly acquired skills with a Certificate of Completion by joining the comprehensive 2-day workshop.

Student Testimony

Penjelasan materi yang di sampaikan jelas dan terperinci sehingga dapat di pahami oleh pemula yang ingin mendalami tentang data analyst. Selain itu ppt bahan ajar yang di gunakan sangat lengkap







Peserta Bootcamp Data Analyst WeShare Batch 1

Interaksi dan kolaborasi dengan rekan-rekan dan para mentor yang saya rasakan memiliki dampak yang positif pada pengalaman pembelajaran saya. Lingkungan pembelajaran yang saling mendukung, berbagi gagasan, dan belajar bersama-sama telah menambah wawasan serta memperdalam pemahaman mengenai Data Analysis. Pembawaan materi dari para mentor yang mudah dipahami juga membuat saya semakin mudah memahami konsep dan penerapan Data Analysis melalui live demo dan penugasan proyek akhir. Selain itu juga terdapat sesi Career Development yang telah memberikan gambaran mengenai pengembangan karier, khususnya dalam bidang Data Analyst. Semoga kedepannya dapat ditingkatkan lagi.

Peserta Bootcamp Data Analyst Batch 1

Bootcamp yang diselenggarakan sudah sangat baik. Saya telah mempelajari banyak hal tentang fundamental serta tools yang digunakan untuk menjadi seorang data analyst. Saya juga bisa meingemplementasikan hal - hal yang telah saya pelajari melalui tugas serta final project yang telah diberikan. Kuis berupa pre test dan post test juga mengasa pemahaman saya tentang materi yang telah diberikan. Overall, saya sudah mempelajari banyak hal dan telah menambahkan skilll saya agar dapat menganalisa data dari materi serta penjelasan yang telah diberikan oleh WeShare serta para mentor.  


Peserta Bootcamp Data Analyst Batch 1

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