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February 14, 2022



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Rp 5.000.000,-

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Learn the Fundamental Skills to be Product Manager

Have you ever dreamt to work as the product manager? Have you excel sufficient skills from business to design thinking? Take your first fundamental step with our program and land your first job as Product Manager.

Introduction to Product Management

What are the important things before being a Product Manager? Understand the concept, essential elements, and responsibility of the role.

Developing a Vision Framework Product Strategy

A Product vision gives your team a bigger picture of what they are working on and why also help you to make a clear Product Strategy.

Identifying Problems, Ideation and Market Research

A Product should solve a problem, but sometimes the product solves the wrong problem. By identifying problems, Product Managers could know a vital problem and come up with ideation also doing a Market Research to validate the problems and ideas.

Developing a Successful Product That Solve Problems

Does the product Manager already know what problem that should be solved? The next important step is developing the product and making it successful. Learn every steps & experiments you should take to achieve the product-market-fit.

Product Thinking and Design Thinking

Product thinking helps determine the actual problem the user is facing & Design Thinking helps create features that matter for the users of your products. Understanding this could deliver the gap between your product and users.

Learn From Our Expert

Meet and learn from our expert that experienced in product management for years in various companies. They will be sharing about various things related to product management including their personal tips and tricks in product management. Grab your seat and feel free to ask anything you are curious about to expand your knowledge!

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Stage of Learning

Learn product management in the most effective and fun way! This series of learning processes will give you a fun learning experience but still provide comprehensive product management knowledge

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What They Say About Introductory Level

Still feeling unsure of joining? Here are some reviews from our students

Karina Erizka

Setelah mengikuti program ini saya banyak belajar mengenai konsep dan metodologi yang sistematis sebagai product management. Apiary academy juga menyediakan Q&A session dan 1-on-1 mentorship sehingga saya dapat berinteraksi dan mendapat banyak insight-insight baru dari berbagai narasumber yang berpengalaman di bidang product management. Dan hal terpenting yaitu kami juga mendapatkan exposure ke real startup project sehingga apa yang dipelajari dapat langsung diaplikasikan ke dalam project tersebut. Hal ini lah yang sangat unik dari Apiary Academy dan tidak didapatkan di online course lainnya

- Student Cohort 1

Nanda Nugraha

Pengalaman menarik saya di apiary academy adalah group session karena saya dapat berinteraksi langsung dengan mentor yang bekerja di startup Indonesia. Pada session tersebut juga saya diajarkan bagaimana cara breakdown dan menghadapi suatu masalah sebagai product management. Course Apiary juga membantu saya untuk belajar bagaimana mengatur waktu yang baik sehingga dapat menyelesaikan course dengan baik dan maksimal

- Student Cohort 1

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Complete Training

Introductory & Intermediate Level

14 February - 30 April 2022

Rp 12.000.000

Rp 8.500.000

  • 9 Training Modules
  • 11-weeks Training Program
  • Get 2 Certificate in Introductory & Intermediate Level
  • Video Learning
  • Weekly PM Roleplay & Live Q&A Session
  • Weekly Startup Project & Group Mentoring
  • 1-on-1 Mentoring
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One Training Level

Introductory Level

14 February - 26 March 2022

Rp 7.000.000

Rp 5.000.000

  • 5 Training Modules
  • 6-weeks Training Program
  • Get 1 Certificate in Introductory Level
  • Video Learning
  • Weekly PM Roleplay & Live Q&A Session
  • Weekly Startup Project & Group Mentoring
  • 1-on-1 Mentoring
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Rp 16.000.000 for 2 people

Get an additional discount of 6% or Rp 1.000.000 when you register for two people in the Product Management Fundamentals - Complete Training

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