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6th June 2022


4-Weeks (Live, Online)

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Rp 1.665.000

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Entry level

Become Talented Product Marketing Manager

Marketing strategy is important to launch a product successfully. A well-prepared go-to-market plan should be the foundation of any effective campaign and marketing.

This course is suitable for Fresh Graduates, Digital Marketer, PMM Professionals, and Marketing Enthusiast

Learn the Fundamental Skills to be Product Marketing Manager

Do you aspire to be a great product marketing manager? Learn to create strategies for product conversion and growth with our program

Introduction to Product Marketing

What is required to be a Product Marketer? Learn about the role's concept, elements, and responsibilities.

Product Marketing Pre-Launch Planning

Learn about the importance of pre-launch planning and how to identify your target market.

Defining Go To Market Plan

Learn step by step on creating Go To Market Plan by understanding Positioning, Channel Plan, Call to Action and Marketing Phases

Campaign Strategy & Messaging

Learn how to create a good campaign strategy and defining your budget & ad format

Performance Indicator & Engagement

Learn how to set and measure OKR. Find out how to collect feedback and establish continuous marketing initiatives.

Product Marketing Tools & Career Tips

Learn about the typical tools used by Product Marketers to optimize your strategy & performance. Also, get CV and interview suggestions!

Learn From Our Experts

Meet and learn from our product marketing expert who has worked in various companies. They will discuss various aspects of product marketing, including personal tips and tricks. Start your journey and expand your knowledge!

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Learning Journey

Learn product marketing in the most efficient and enjoyable way! This series of learning methods will make learning fun while providing complete product marketing knowledge.

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Class start on 17 May 2022

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