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6th June 2022


4-Weeks (Live, Online)

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Rp 1.665.000

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Entry level

Become Talented Product Designer

To design a great product, understanding the end users is critical. Great product design solves users problems, have an easy-to-use app, and have a really well-designed.

If you want to create a product that users love, you should enroll to this course ! This course is suitable for Fresh Graduates, Design Enthusiast, and Product Designer (professionals).

Learn the Fundamental Skills to be Product Designer

Do you aspire to be a great product designer? Have you mastered business skills to design thinking? Take your first step with our program and become a Product Designer

Product Design Fundamental

Learn about product design (UI/UX), product types, roles, and implementation of UI/UX, UI/UX designer hard and soft skills and UI/UX framework tools

Product Design Principle and Components

Learn about product, 10 UX laws, design process, basic design thinking.

User Behaviour & Data Design

Learn about users and conducting user research, map the user journey with data, understand study results, user persona and problem statement.

Wireframe, Information Architecture & Design System

Learn about wireframe, information architecture, and design system.

Prototype and User Interface (UI)

Learn using a prototype to test a digital product, usability testing and A/B testing, Get insights for product development by understanding design funnel.

Creating Product Design Portfolio and interview

Learn about portfolios and how to create one, how to do interviews, and how to better understand stakeholder needs and communicate with them

Learn From Our Experts

Meet and learn from our product design expert who has worked in various companies. They will discuss various aspects of product design, including personal tips and tricks. Start your journey and expand your knowledge!

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Learning Journey

Learn product design in the most efficient and enjoyable way! This series of learning methods will make learning fun while providing complete product design knowledge.

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