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6th June 2022


4-Weeks (Live, Online)

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Rp 1.665.000

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Entry level

Become Talented in Product Analytics

Product Analytics is the study of how users engage with a product or service. It helps product teams track, visualize, and analyze users, and to translate all those data into actionable insights. 

This course is suitable for Fresh Graduates, Product Data Enthusiast, Product Manager Professionals, and Data Product Managers.

Learn the Fundamental Skills to be Data Expert

Do you aspire to be data expert? Learn about product data and data requirements to develop a product with our program

Introduction to Data Product Management

Learn about data product management roles and concepts.

Understanding KPIs, Data & Insight

Learn how to develop KPIs for various business models, calculate popular KPIs, analyze data sets, user acquisition, activation funnel and more.

How to Track, Analyze and Visualize Data

Learn how to examine tests and reports for your product.

Data Science & Methodology

Learn how to identify a project's business objectives and research methodologies.

Data Product Requirements & Deck

Learn about structure, visualization, information, and key points needed for the best product proposal presentation.

Learn From Our Experts

Meet and learn from our product analytics expert who has worked in various companies. They will discuss various aspects of product analytics, including personal tips and tricks. Start your journey and expand your knowledge!

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Learning Journey

Learn product analytics in the most efficient and enjoyable way! This series of learning methods will make learning fun while providing complete product analytics knowledge.

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