Product Management Fundamental Training

Intermediate Level

Take a step further into the Product Management world

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Improve Your Product Management Skills

Do you have experience in Product Management? Guess what, there is more learn. This program is designed to complete your skillset so you can become an excellent PM.

What you'll learn

  • Product Vision and Strategy
  • Measuring Product Metrics with Product Analytics
  • Testing and Validating Products
  • Product Launch and Marketing
  • Stakeholder Communication

Training Activities

Onboarding Session
Weekly Course & Quiz
Weekly Q&A Live Session
Weekly Group Discussion
Full month of Project Execution
1-on-1 Feedback Mentoring
Job Connecting

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Only for Cohort 1! Discount 50% for all training

Intermediate Level

Rp 7.000.000


Training schedule : 22 November - 27 December

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Introductory + Intermediate Level

Rp 12.000.000


Training schedule : 1 October - 27 December

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